State Advisory Team

* Purpose of the State Advisory Team *

*Participation on the Citizen Review Panel*

The Michigan Child Death State Advisory Team

Colin Parks, Program Manager
CPS and Family Preservation Programs
Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services
Brooke Brantley-Gilbert, Investigator
Office of the Children’s Ombudsman
John Shaffer, Manager
Mid Michigan Medical Center EMS
Debi Cain, Director
Domestic Violence Prevention and
Treatment Board
Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services
Dr Debra Simms, Division Chief
Center for Child Protection
Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Brenda R. Fink, Director
Division of Family & Community Health
MI Dept of Health and Human Services
Stacey Tadgerson, Director
Native American Affairs
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Ron Frantz, Prosecutor
Ottawa County Prosecutors Office
Kelly Wagner, Director
Child Welfare Services
State Court Administrative Office
Kim Kovalchick
Coordinated School Health and Safety Programs Unit
Michigan Department of Education
Chief Mark Wilk
St Ignace Police Department
Joseph Kozakiewicz, Director
Chance at Childhood
Dr Allecia Wilson, Medical Examiner
University of Michigan Department of Pathology
Wayne and Washtenaw County Medical Examiner Offices
Seth Persky, Director
Office of Family Advocate
Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services
Amy Zaagman, Executive Director
MI Council for Maternal and Child Health
Linda Scarpetta, Manager
Injury & Violence Prevention Section
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

MPHI – CDR Program Office
2455 Woodlake Circle
Okemos MI 48864
Phone: (517) 324-7330 Fax: (517) 324-7365

Purpose of State Advisory Team

The purpose of the State Advisory Team is to provide guidance, expertise and consultation in analyzing and understanding the causes, trends and system responses to child fatalities, and to make recommendations in law, policy and practice to prevent child deaths in Michigan.  The committee also provides support to local teams, recommends improvements in protocols and procedures for the Keeping Kids Alive program and reviews Michigan's child mortality data as well as local child death review team reports to identify causes, risk factors and trends in child deaths.  The State Advisory Team is responsible for preparing an annual report that is presented to the Governor and the Legislature on child fatalities in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Human Services has administrative responsibility for the team.

Participation on Citizen Review Panel

Many of the people who serve on the State Advisory Team additionally participate on the Citizen Review Panel (CRP) on Child Fatalities. The Federal Government mandated the formation of this and two other Panels in 1999, for the purpose of providing an opportunity for citizens to aid in ensuring that states meet goals of protecting children from abuse and neglect by evaluating the strengths, weaknesses and challenges in the child welfare delivery system. This CRP meets quarterly, reviewing and examining the identified cases of child abuse and neglect that have occurred within a given year. At the end of the calendar year the Panel compiles their findings and recommendations in a report that is presented to the Department of Human Services for their knowledge and consideration, in hopes of improving the child welfare system in Michigan.